Designer eyewear from Stockholm

Vasuma Eyewear was founded in Stockholm 2007 by Jan Vana, Steffen Sundelius and Lars Malmsten. Vasuma offers high end designer glasses and sunglasses suitable for any needed prescription. The eyewear is made of finest Mazzucchelli acetate, metal, and Japanese titanium material.

Suited for both men and women, the brand names each optical and sunglasses model after snakes. The story behind this is simply a tribute to those who have previously been bullied and labelled "glasögonorm" - the Swedish term for four eyes as well as the spectacled cobra snake - as a result of needing to wear pres­cription glasses. Vasuma is the revenge of The Glasögonorm. Read the whole story!

Uit Vaktijdschrift De Opticien Nr. 1 - 2021


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